Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Geography Lesson Courtesy of Keith's Mum


Following up on my entry earlier today, the omniscient Keith's Mum has once again set me on the correct path.

The comment just arrived:

Keith's Mum thinks that the Bird's Eye view on Bing Maps would give you a better view of Warren Hill Cottage and Stelvio Cottages.

Now, I have found that it's best not to ignore Keith's mum. The suggestion above reminded me of information sent by the ever-reliable Barry McAleenan regarding the 1899 map he scanned for us:

        • Plot 81 became Stanton Prior
• Plot 80 became Stelvio Court
• Warren Hill site, plot 77, now [2011] includes Stelvio Cottages.

You can see the locations he mentions on the detail of the 1899 map of Eastbourne, above, left.

Having never warmed up to Bing Maps, I decided to give the suggestion a try and am certainly glad I did. Below, you can see the image Keith's mum recommended, and it's far more useful than those available at Google Maps [click any image to enlarge it in a new window].

And here you can see the view of the same location, around those Stelvio Cottages, pivoted around and from the north:

Great stuff!

It looks to me as if the building with the lighter-coloured roof is more alike to images and maps we've seen than anything else [below]. One has to consider the fact that it may be the elusive "last vestige of Warren Hill School." There is a comparison of the southern Bird's Eye View image with a crop from the 1930 black-and-white image of Warren Hill, circa 1930, showing Warren Hill's latest addition [below].

The overall appearance seems correct. The chimney seems correct. The roof seems correct. The white-cornered wall seems correct. The location seems correct.

Keith, please give the old girl my best, will you? She never fails!

And if you are wondering why I wasn't enamored with Bing Maps, here's the first thing I naturally looked up when it came out: My house. I've made all of the settings identical to the ones used to render the beautiful colour images above. You can see it as I see it, at right [clicking on it will not improve it whatsoever].

The orange push-pin indicates the exact location of my own dwelling. Lovely, eh?

Yuck. (Is that also a British expression of disgust?)

Thanks for getting me out of my own dull and poorly pixilated neighbourhood and into the real world…

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  1. You are really good at comparing the old photos to the current appearance.