Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coniscliffe and Canucks by the Sea

It's been an in-and-out sort of day here in sunny Ocala, Florida. While we were away to the north in much cooler Michigan [left], there must have been a great deal of rain here: The grass in some places is nearly knee deep after just 10 days or so. The heat has me ducking in and out of doors as I do battle with my lawn.

While I'm in right now, let me follow up on some other information related to George Mills that's come in.

Michael Ockenden of the Eastbourne Local History Society has been a friend of the site and provided information that was used in the entry called "22 Meads Street." Our speculation that the "enumerator" of the 1911 census at Coniscliffe had misspelled the name of a Warren Hill School colleague of George Mills, Eric Streatfeild, was apparently incorrect.

Here's word I've received recently setting the record straight:

From: Jane O'Connell
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:07 AM
Subject: Eric Streatfield


I was looking at your site as I am researching a young woman who was also living at 'Coniscliffe'. I just wanted to reassure you that in the 1911 census, it was the occupier who completed the form. The person who misspelled his surname was the person who transcribed the entry into digital form...

Best wishes,


PS If you would like a copy of the census return, just let me know.

I've asked for a copy, just for my records. Thanks very much, Jane! And, just for the record, the correct spelling is: Eric Streatfeild.

One other item regarding this subject and my holiday up north: While away, I read Ockenden's terrific book, Canucks by the Sea: The Canadian Army in Eastbourne during the Second World War.

In this informative text, he personally relates the story told in "22 Meads Street" on this website in much greater detail, and with background information that makes the events of that day, as well, as the war years in Sussex, fit into a broader and very human context.

Meads was the location of Warren Hill School, an employer of George Mills before it closed in 1936, and anyone interested in learning about the area in the first half of the 20th century is certainly advised to read Canucks by the Sea!

For more information on Eric Streatfeild himself, his wife, novelist, Kitty Barne, their cousin, author and performer Noel Streatfield, and even a link to Arthur Conan Doyle, all somehow fitted into the context of the life and career of George Mills, read the entry from Saturday, 10 April 2010, entitled "
Visualizing Warren Hill School and Some Possible Muses."

Finally, once again, I'd like to thank Michael and the Eastbourne Local History Society as a whole for all of their valuable assistance in my research!

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