Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Words and Images Regarding Sir Arthur Mordaunt Mills

While I was out of town recently, I also received word from Teresa Adderley's brother, Sebastian Mills, regarding their grandfather, Sir Arthur Mordaunt Mills. As far as I can tell, Sir Arthur is probably not a relative of George Mills, but there's some circumstantial evidence that keeps speculation alive while I await more information.

First, Wellington College archivist Guy Williams lists Arthur Mordaunt Mills as a relative of George's brother, Arthur Frederick Hobart Mills, after they both resided in Hardinge Dormitory at Wellington around the turn of the 20th century.

Lady Catherine Mordaunt was the wife of Reverend Francis Mills, the paternal great grandfather of George Mills. The name "Mordaunt" crops up in the family again when George's uncle, Dudley Acland Mills, names his youngest son Mordaunt Mills [born 17 September 1908].

Was Mordaunt Mills given a family name, or did Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Mills, Royal Engineers, work with an officer who later became a Major General, Sir Arthur Mordaunt Mills, in India (or elsewhere), and later name a son after a respected fellow officer? Only Dudley's family knows...

Anyway, here's word from Sebastian:

As my sister mentioned, Sir Arthur was our grandfather. I attach a photograph of him taken I should think in 1936 when he was promoted to Major General, Military Advisor in Chief to the Indian States Forces. Also a picture of my aged father taken a couple of years before his death at 91 in 2008 and my son - another Arthur aged then fifteen, now nineteen.

I'll do some research this side of the 'pond'.

Kind regards

Sebastian Mills

The family of Sir Arthur has been gracious enough to help in my research, and it is greatly appreciated. Pictured at the top of this entry you can see the photograph of Sir Arthur from approximately 1936, and at right the image from July 2005. Thank you so very much, Sebastian!

And, as always, you know the rest: If you can assist my research on the Mills family with any information—clerical or anecdotal—please don't hesitate to contact me, and thank you very much in advance for your help!

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