Tuesday, March 9, 2010

George Mills in the British Library

These are titles attributed to George Mills held in the collection of the British Library. Mills is listed as a "Writer of Tales for Boys". Each title is listed exactly as it apears in their database, along with its year of publication and its shelfmark:

King Willow, etc. , 1938 , 12821.bb.9

King Willow. (New edition) , 1951, 12834.aa.28

Meredith and Co. , 1957, X.990/4427

Meredith and Co. The story of a modern preparatory school, etc. [With plates.] , 1933, 20053.ee.1

Minor and Major ... Illustrated by John Harris. , 1939, 012807.ff.83

The next and final entry is actually listed under this author: MILLS, George, Thomas, à Becket, Saint, 1118?-1170 1939 to ----

St. Thomas of Canterbury. , 1939, 20030.e.136

I find it odd that "Saint Thomas, à Becket" is listed as a co-author of that 1939 book, especially since his year of death is given as 1170. I'm not sure how the British Library figures that, except that the book may also contain excerpts of writing by St. Thomas himself, along with that of Mills.

What's even more peculiar is what a hard time I'm having
locating a copy of St. Thomas of Canterbury on the internet. Anyone with any ideas, or a copy to sell, please contact me--and thanks!

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