Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Chatterbox Recording Club

Maureen, a member of the Eastbourne Local History Society and friend of "Who Is George Mills," maintains her own separate website as well, and recently sent me the following message:

Hi Sam
on an another topic, I am wondering if you would like to mention in your organisation somewhere about a world wide tape corresponding club by the name of CHATTERBOX RECORDING CLUB.

You will find some info of this non profit making club on my website. I have been involved with this club for a number of years now, and on and off on its committee, first as assistant secretary in the 1970s, then magazine editior in the 1980s. now the club is undergoing some changes of committee and from September 2010 I will be its secretary. over the years the club has lost a lot of its members, and the present committee havent done anything about recruiting new members.

we are open to all age groups, and although most of our members use tape recorders either open reel, cassette or mini disc, a few of our members use emails, and writing for correspondence etc.,

there was a time when we were a world wide club, with lots of members in the USA and Canada and elsewhere, but over the years the retiring committee have dropped the overseas side of our club. we the new team - myself, Mike and Gerry would like to include overseas members once again.

please let me know of your thoughts on this.


My thoughts are that I hope readers here will take a moment to find out more about the club at Maureen's site, Maureens' Choice. Click the title to see her home page in another window. It would be great to get some new members from this side of the Atlantic and from around the world!

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