Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry, George...

If you've arrived in search of George Mills today, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. To me, it's the equivalent of a national holiday, a festival, a day to be savored and enjoyed…

It's the Major League Baseball's Opening Day for my Philadelphia Phillies, who are going at it with the Houston Astros at this very moment. I had to miss the first few innings because of something that is constantly getting in the way of all of the things I need to do: My job.

The DVD recorder is humming along nicely, and I'm looking forward to settling back in my chair this evening after a long winter and watching this afternoon's tilt. I just hope no one mentions the outcome to me before I see it.

March 22 may be the first day of spring to most folks, but to me it's Opening Day: America's Rite of Spring. There'll be time for George Mills, Joshua Goodland, Warren Hill School, and everything else tomorrow!

(By the way, what horrible luck! Is the U.K. acquainted with the infamous Sports Illustrated cover jinx...?)

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