Sunday, November 7, 2010

Word Spreads, Worldwide

Here are some snippets from wire services regarding the outcome of the third and final Valerie Wiedemann v. Robert Horace Walpole trail. It's interesting to note how the accounts vary, likely due to the convoluted nature of the case and its testimony over the course of three years. Still, it could have something to do with careless transmission or transcription of the information. No matter, it certainly must have clouded what was known about this sensational, internationally reported courtroom drama.

Included are articles from the front pages of the 18 June 1891 editions of the Cleveland (Ohio) Sun [upper left], the Quebec Daily Telegraph [upper right], and the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Eagle [below left], and from the 20 June 1891 issue of the Poverty Bay (New Zealand) Herald [below right].

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