Wednesday, November 24, 2010

14 July 1891: Court of Appeal

In this item from the pages of the 14 July 1891 edition of the London Times, we learn that, while the defendant, Robert Horace Walpole, wants a new trial, he is unable to communicate with his representative, Mr. Lockwood [pictured below, right], due to the fact that the former is "yachting."

Valerie Wiedemann's representative, Mr. Terrell, is sympathetic to Mr. Lockwood's problem because, in addition to the fact that Miss Wiedemann wants a new trial just as much as Walpole, she is also ill.

It was agreed that there would be no decisions made regarding an appeal for a fortnight. I'm glad for the time off because tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States, and I'll be cooking up turkey, potatoes, yams, and other delights for the family and giving thanks for all we have!

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